July already?

My goodness! How time Flys. Updates, still looking for Prince charming, still working with my awesome memory care ladies, still helping out in an expressive art therapy open studio at a local hospital, still in #marykay and loving it! And am signing on to a private practice As an art therapist/counselor! !! We open Friday, so I plan to move in sometime this week!  Super excited! Hope to have my own private practice/ studio space someday:). This last week however I was in Dallas at a national marykay convention!!!! Was totally awesome! I have many pictures and videos and will get some of those on next.  My pinterest has product images. And my YouTube has videos, my fb has a mix of both as well As manufacturing plant tour images! Such a wonderful experience. Meeting other consultants from around the nation, having girl time with my unit, and my new male team member Tom! Friend from college when took pity on me when I started marykay and became one of my first facials! He loved the product so much he has decided to sell it! We both have Facebook pages, here’s mine


Best thing I got from the plant tour,  is while they recycle everything possible, the vitamins are turned into sand art by drying the vitamins and mixing with left over lipstick colors!!! As I said , an entire post will be images!!! I love my marykay family. I feel like I belong. Plus,the company is extremely generous with rewards,and gives excessive free training for their independent sales consultants. We are not employees. We just promote their products.  Love the products!! New satin hands coming out, pomegranate! Anywhooo,  next post coming as soon as I can figure out how to link properly.