keeping busy

well its been a busy few weeks!  normally when im stressed i clean, but i really enjoy this, so between my actual work doing telehealth and video conferencing, i do this online teaching in the off hours. 

Here are the results from applying to other programs, because as much as i love cambly it does not make alot, and im not getting vipkid bookings so im going to hold off putting any availability there till summer when the kids are out of school.

Applied            Denied             Made it through application process            Denied              Accepted!

whales english      X
Qkids                                                              X(still going)
Italki                                                                                                                                                 X
Itutor                                                                                                                                                 X
Open english         X( but they will check back in 6 months)
Magic Ears                                                                                                           X

i think that was it….the process was interesting, it ranged from demo videos and interviews with robots to live interviews, demo sessions and trials with real life kids!

some things to know if you plan on doing multiple companies plus regular work on top of that:  make sure your computer can handle it!  i replaced / upgraded mine today. i can still use my old one for bare minimum stuff but i have now moved my work stuff over to the new computer.  i also got manycam! which is so cool, you can put a background behind your photo and edit your video feed! im still learning but its going to be an awesome addition. i have already recieved bookings for itutor and italki- one nice thing about italki is i can use that money to go back into italki for live spanish lessons!! my goal this year is to relearn my high school spanish and be able to use it.   if anyone knows how to transfer pc to mac, please help! mine keeps saying edge is open but its definitely not open!!!