Latest projects
Hi all!  So as you can see, I’ve been pretty busy.  And obviously don’t know how to use  this with both pictures and text, so please forgive me!   I have decided in between job hunting to meet some goals.  I watched videos on grooming and groomed out dog!   I learned how to use my drop spindle to spin roving into yarn, which will go to my loom kit, and then will spin my goooood roving into regular project yarn.   My and dads garden is in full swing!  Lots of small strawberrys, and my grape vine, pepper plants, tomato and cucumber plants all have things growing, hopefully will be ready to harvest soon cause it all smells Sooo good. I also learned how to make socks, and have been working on my portraits.  Once my confidence goes up on my drawings I will totally get them online!  
So I have to vent.  The other day one of my aunts* not close to* made a comment about the socks and knittingI’ve been working on.  And giggled since I can just go buy socks or yarn.   Someday I hope to have my own art therapy studio, and I need to know these skills.  Fiber art can be very relaxing andit is becoming a lost art.  I someday want a large loom and spinning wheel to teach others.  Thisis what I explained to her and to others.  Plus buying roving (processed wool) and spinning, while time consumingis so much cheaper!!! And fun to say that I madeit.