Light the night

Its time to light the night! Last week i walked in the #milwaukee #lls #lightthenight walk with a team who has brought me into their #family.  Tonight im supposed to walk with a friend in #appleton , i didn’t want to do this alone, however it looks like that will be the case.  I know im not really alone, and i was just going over my blog posts and saw the one i wrote before i went out west and met all the other amazing #young adult #survivors throughout the country (and then some , #canada)!  Somedays like today, i still feel alone.  This walk is important to me, its not about the money donations although that is definitely helpful.  This walk to me is #celebratinglife .  7 years from diagnoses ( give or take a few weeks) ( 2009, started chemo right before thanksgiving, but the month of october was full of testing at the big hospital – this would explain why my knees have been killing me this last two weeks – phantom pain) .  Online about every other post i see on fb is from a #firstdescents friend or a #campmakadream friend.   few have been anniversarys of those lost since then.  I overcome that sadness by knowing they are no longer in pain and are partyin in the sky or the rivers watching over us.  Part of me still feels survivor guilt over living, and at the same time im so thankful i was given a second chance regardless of others thoughts or feelings.  My  parents dont understand why i want to be a part of this community.  Thats why i do.  who else wants to be understood!?    SO needless to say,  if you find this in time for tonight, sign up for “team – just keep swimming and comment to let me know!