Minion overload
I have to start with , I have not seen despicable me 2!   But I helped a dear friend with her card business and was able to make my own card in return for my momma.  Please check out her blog here!
She has an etsy account with many awesome cards for a variety of situations, including option for custom designs and have more on the way!
  I took many pictures from this experience because in this blog,as I stress that the process of creating is healing,( in this case it may have caused more headaches from the repetition and tiny details which were each individually added with variety of adhesives), but still it was entertainng and provided a distraction to our conversation!   Plus they were so darned cute, I learned something new, and we decided since I have an interest in card making she and I will be hosting an expressive arts card making art therapy workshop!   So we both will gain exerience leading a group , teaching something new, and introducing a basic form of art therapy to people in an exciting way that can be shared with others( a relaxing card workshop,  where people can make cards to give to others, perhaps for the holidays?)  Anyway, more details to come, enjoy the images and my friends blog! ( link above, if it doesn’t work, please comment to let me know!)
Finished minins!
minion army!
I wrote thankyou for being here for me under the snail and tree, mom loved the 
custom designed card !