My marykay journey

Hey all!  So exciting being in marykay. Granted I’m not making much money yet, but that’s ok. Slowly building my team :). Last week I was able to share the spa collection with another memory care unit. The ladies loved it!  They had so much fun and want me back this summer for pedicures, hehe.  Waterless pedicures, which I was just trained on last night!  A anyway. I’m sharing this with everyone because I truly love these products. Although products sound like a selling word, and really what we do is share what we love.  I started a Pinterest board if anyone’s interested, have a video blog, on utube, share on twitter, have a fb fan page and my website!  If anyone here is interested, I can give you a hotline to hear more info about marykay and success stories, ud get a mystery gift mailed to you, unless you live close enough to come for facial!  Other wise, ask your local mk lady for a hotline and spread the love!

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