new clinic

Hello all!  i mentioned i was starting at a new clinic this month, so far its very exciting!  I have finished my first two weeks of orientation and start seeing clients tomorrow.  Starting in may i will lead art therapy groups through the day treatment center for ages 12-18.  Starting tomorrow i am seeing individual clients through outpatient treatment located at the day treatment center.  Eventually we plan to offer art therapy groups through outpatient.   Whats the difference between them?  Day treatment is intensive 4 hour a day 5 day / week treatment and outpatient is a once or twice weekly 45-60 min session (or bi weekly / monthly) appointment.
                                    ( Fun fact – did you know Catalpa Health is named after the Catalpa tree?)

Usually the Way it goes is inpatient –>residential > day treatment > outpatient.  

Inpatient  – An individual has self harmed to the point of a suicide attempt

Residential – an individual has stablized enough to transfer out of inpatient, or enter in after multiple self harms due to depressive thoughts or a lowered quality of life due to excess anxiety / mental illness. – 24/7 care, see doctors, therapists, nutritionists, experiential therapists , a team of professionals to help work on the mental health and increase quality of life.

Day Treatment – intensive 4 hr per day 5 day per week treatment where a team of counselors / psychologists / psychiatrists work together to teach groups and individual therapy to review what skills were learned in residential and work on incorporating them into daily stressors and work toward increasing that quality of life while experiencing triggers outside of a residential setting. (ex school, family trouble, )

Outpatient – individual has “Graduated” from the day treatment program and is in a good place, requiring followup appointments once or twice a week, bi weekly or monthly depending on their quality of life and stressors.