new survivor group!

I am so excited all!  through i found a cancer survivor writing workshop, we sent an invitation to the fox valley oncology group who has a facebook page and a monthly support group who is going to put out flyers for their patients and survivors!  I will be hosting an art therapy workshop at the end of an 8 week writing workshop this summer in Depere.  I am also going to be contacting the rec department or the place i held a previous studio at for Asnew about starting a consistant open studio, sponsored by my new clinic where i will be doing art therapy groups and individual sessions in appleton starting the end of march.

Im so excited for these changes, even if i had to close the door on one opportunity a new one opened.  New chapters bring new adventures! It would be wonderful to meet with other survivors, through a writing workshop or just hanging out. Having a local group of friends, people who understand, people who need to talk and vent who understand will be cool.   There is so much to do in this area i cant wait to discover it , with my new survivor friends or on my own now that i have settled down from moving and have time to explore.