new year new business new doctors!

happy January! almost February!!!  I started selling Jewelry In Candles this last week!  its super cool.  #soy #candles #madeinusa .  many fun fragrances ranging from mild to intense, in wax tarts or candles and body butter!  jewelry comes in everything!  and the scents are amazing. its the only type of candle that does not give my dad a headache.  I will post images about what JIC is later, if you’d like to see my facebook page and website, here are both links: – facebook!  is my store link! 

I am doing fundraising with my local oncology group, we have a crowdrise page to help raise funds for events! its super fun, I had originally been planning a big event until I found out we weren’t able to get funds for seed money 🙁 .  we have a panel at the local hospital next week where a few of us will be talking about camps like #campmakadream and #firstdescents and #stupidcancer !  

I went back to the doctor because I still have this nasty cough. I was freaking out about finding nodules on my chart thing that were never explained to me but she set me straight.  however she wants me to lose 30 lbs in 6 months, see a nutritionist and obesity clinic, but I can’t even see them until march and she wants me down 15 lbs by our april follow up.  so if your a nutritionist out there and willing to do a phone consult, please email me!!!