Officially done

I received my diploma!  School is officially done.  I have been applying to jobs with no luck, will be getting my fb page up soon thought to hopefully sell my work.  I just completed a project for my sister in law!   Part of my moving forward in health and over all life is trying to forgive and forget, and hope she complies.   Will post pics tomorrow!  Knitting and crocheting is a relaxing form of art for me ( unless I hit knots and spend hours untying before I can continue the project). I also embroider and somewhat sew.   A new project ill be working on soon-is another tshirt quilt !  I feel these types of art are 3d concrete forms of working through my anger anxieties ( insert emotion here).  Embroidery is also like painting with thread.   The images words and colors all match what I need to express.