oh my

hello all!  I just checked my views and I had like 58 views in the last week!   🙂 yay  it probably helped that I did post this on a few Facebook pages of mine.  feel free to comment , like, share, whatnot!  I am glad I can help reach out to others with my experiences to share that were not alone, even if it feels like it sometimes. ( were all allowed to have pity parties. check out kris carr author of crazy sexy cancer for some of her experiences )
– my favorite one ( not word for word)  but she had been in a dark house for days, her mom finally came to find her, saw all the shades drawn, Chinese food cartons everywhere and her sitting in the dark. they packed her up , the cat in its box and went on their way.  while stuck in a traffic jam outside  the big tunnel in new York with the cat screaming in the backseat she finally turns around and grabs the cage shaking it and screaming back at the cat.  the cat of course stopped, looked at her and started screaming again ( no harm done). 

my family used humor during treatment, because we preferred to laugh instead of cry.  we still cry when we think about it though, one reason why my parents don’t want to think about these relays I want to attend, or people I want to meet or conferences ( although next year im totally doing #cancercon, cryathon or not I heard it was awesome). 

Speaking of relay!  I don’t have photos at this time, but I will get them up in a following post.   a new friend from one of those said groups met me and kept me company in between laps. (I was doing a marykay booth offering facial demos).  hanging out with her was awesome! she let me test some of my product on her, we both talked about direct sales we’ve done / tried in the past, talked about our experiences with our doctors, had some good laughs and even ate cake she won during the cake walk!

but OMG it was so hot in there, we thought we were #melting.  I was wearing a dress k, a dress! no nylons, no sweater over it, was freak in melting!!!!!!!! one of the massage ladies in my corner went home to get a fan and we were still melting. I felt so bad for them because they had to massage people for 4 hours in the dying heat of the building.  why would a building not turn on their air, especially for this population??? according to the school kids, the air had not been on during the day either. ( its been raining a lot in our area, not that cold but who knows how they run their system?)

me and my new friend did do the survivor walk ( me in my red dress and black heels) , but I had my survivor shirt hanging at my table, wore it after the booth closed for a few laps before deciding to leave because of the heat, and being a boring adult who likes to sleep at night lol.  ( friend had to get up early and her dog needed to be let out so she left to).  I was able to get a picture with the culvers cone walking around, yay for celebrating life! (and promoting my business).  One lady did comment that I was over dressed, she was only wearing a dress because she got out of work and came straight in, and here I was in red dress and heals.  I commented that this was my professional work clothes as a consultant and she just wiggled her fingers at me while i was talking and waved herself with one of my catalogs. I stopped talking and just nodded and smiled at that point .  Another woman said she had switched to arbonne and lbri and needed to switch back to Marykay, so who knows! 🙂

At the end of the booth time was the #luminaria ceremony. people wrote remembrances on bags and they were filled with glow sticks and at a certain time the lights went out so people could walk around and take time to remember.  In the beginning us #survivors had to cut a piece of ribbon and tye it to a wire bracket ( for flowers)  so at the end we had a tulip gate full of ribbons and colors. mine was #lime green for #lymphoma . 

anywhoo, I made it home, took forever to fall asleep because of the heat ( should have jumped in a cold shower, but the fan helped), slept on and off all day because of a pounding headache and the need to work night shift ( here I am typing at 4 30 am).  my next post will be about the constant battle between fatigue, exhaustion and insomnia!  maybe tomorrow night , as I work night shift again and its soo much easier to type on a regular keyboard then the ipad. ( also doesn’t accidently erase as easily)