over the river and through the woods

this last few weeks have been flying by!  i have been working almost every day since the road trip, and the few days i didnt i spent packing!  so many boxes of text books and art supplies. whew.  this next week is the official move to my new apartment!  the pool is open 🙂

 im nervous becuase as a new professional, im new. however i am confident that i will know what im doing when the time comes.  my last official day at open studio was sad and exciting. ive been there about 3 years so i’ve gotten to know many of the clients and seen many interns go through the program.  i would like to stay where i am, however the problems with scheduling errors has become to stressful, in an already high stress work environment, so i am ready for a change.  while  i am nervous, i am excited to finally be an official art therapist / counselor! I went through many interviews being told “you are too new of a professional” and to finally be told ” you are new, and that is ok, you can grow with us” from a small yet growing outpatient counseling facility is wonderful! working inpatient and residential has been a learning experience. I am looking forward to working outpatient and hopefully starting an open studio in that location as well 🙂  i love helping people, offering a tool or support to help them help themselves, and seeing them grow!  Changing their story, helping them move forward the way others have helped me in the past.  I went through counseling during stressful times in undergrad, and again after treatment for my cancer. and again during the stress of gradschool.  time to pay it forward and help others going through a rough and difficult time 🙂