Over the woods and through the snow

During my winter break, my mom and I went to get my hair cut.   Now this was a special time, because it was my second, first hair cut!  I had let it grow for the 2.5 years since I was declared in remission (march 16 2010- dec 22 2012) . 

It was so long and curly that I ended up donating 2 ten inch ponytails to locks of love.   When it was first growing back in it was almost as curly as shirley temple locks.  Unfortunately this time it has not returned to that curly state but back to its regular wavey texture.

When the first pony tail was cut off it felt like a huge weight lifted off, not only because hair is really heavy, but its another step in moving forward.  I had wanted a sexy haircut to look my age, but i do feel the need to complain.  the young woman cutting my hair didnot know what she was doing.

She started my haircut by handing me the brush to comb out my curls and had to be rescued by another hair dresser,  so needless to say by the time she got everything trimmed up and cute, I wasnt willing to wait longer for her to layer and style it. 

While it bummed my special haircut ,we still made the best of it.  mom took pictures during each step and after we went xmas shopping and had family time to end our special day.  I am also now likeing my simple haircut, but when it starts growing out again im definitly going to try the layered look! Maybe then my curls will come back, because thats one part of my past I would like to come with me as I journey to my future.