Paleo time

So I finally got an appt with my gen physician/nurse back home to discuss my insomnia /anxiety/mild depression over spring break when I also have my follow up pet scan ( less then20 days!)

Until then I found a great nutritionist who gave me a deal I couldnt refuse, will be starting a 6mth coaching program , using paleo diet, and she understands my medical history and how that will nutritionally affect my body compared with “normal”systems.  

I went to the store and stocked up on almond flour, almond butter, coconut oil, couple new spices, cooking utensils,  slap chop, mini blender, coffee maker (just in case I need to cheat with quick energy)  , peppers,  meats, fruits and veggies.  Im totally looking forward to trying paleo stuffed peppers with sweet potato fries tomorrow!  And going to make regular ol betty crocker cookies for dessert (still too early in diet to give up sugar … and haven’t had first session with nutritonist yet!   ……baby steps toward a healthier non processed sugar free anxiety free life lol. :-) 

I will keep you updated with photo, and link to recipe.  (Many recipes I found were through pinterest, and ) after I complete the whole program I will even refer the nutrtionist, if they still want to do distance meetings after me (trial period here, yay for being a guinea pig as half our time working together I will most likley no longer be able to meet in person)

Update on guy from the other night: nothing :-(  oh well.  There are other fish in the sea! ( new years resolution is to be positive about future potential relationships)

The best thing ive learned about paleo diet, is that its almost not a diet.  It doesnt restrict calories ( that ive seen)  and offers healthier alternatives to processed foods such as sugar and wheat. Technically our bodies aren’t naturally supposed to digest them anyway , and with all the easily to be gotten processed never go bad yummy foods out there,  its hard to give our bodies what it really needs. 

Im a meat eater for life, with paleo it works.  I cant have dairy anymore, with paleo they have nut substitutes like almond milk ( I reccomend chocolate almond milk) .  Because of cancer going after sugar, I need to cut back. Paleo is perfect because it chooses natural honeys or veggies with regular fruits as opposed to processed bleached sugrs or sugar substitutes. Paleo doesnt resitrict me to only shakes or so many meals a day.  I could easily fit in extra meals a day like is reccomended to keep the metabolism fit (6 small meals as opposed to 3 large meals). ( one of my brothers has frequently used the 6 small meal plan to get into shape and says its amazing.  Lucky sob also had his own garden and lived at our farm during hunting season at the time with fresh veggies, nearby lakes for fishing and meat available, no wonder it worked for him)

Anyway I totally reccomend looking into paleo for your own benefit. Friends out here use it and their skin is clear no exhaustion have mental clarity and fit great in clothes. Between this and the help from my nutritionist im excited to see what comes next!