Pink bubbles of happiness

So ladies and gentleman, I kid you not.  Mary Kay is a giant pink bubble of happy!  Omgoodness.  But we get free gifts and rewards, I’m now on target for a company car!  So excited!  However, I could use some help blog viewers.  This is what I need to be on target for car ( in case anyone’s interested  hearing more, please contact me for a career chat )

4 months: 14 active team members ( can be located anywhere , we have no territories)
                  60 career chats ( find out more about you, and see if mary Kay would be a good fit, we help eachother change lives people)
                  About 4 parties a month and 6 one on one facials ( at least)
If ny of you live in the Milwaukee area, please contact me!  Otherwise I’m hosting a virtual party to go with our event next week on fb, our Sunkist 4 summer event is next Wednesday in Brookfield wi, but my website is , my fb page is Samantha hanson, independant beauty consultant.  Now I want to ask you, is skincare important?  Mary Kay is number 9 in the world, for skincare alone.  Is color important? Depends on you, but who doesn’t love a splash of color?  Do you need to relax?  We have spa products!  
We could do virtual parties. I do have skype and FaceTime. I could send out Togo kits of skin care and makeup samples and we could all skype together.  A party consists of at least 3 guests, and I’ve been trained in coaching the hostess so it’s all pampering for you,and as little stress as possible!  Plus. It’s free party, samples, what more could you ask for as this winter keeps dragging on?
Just so you know, there is a n marykay ecatolog app and a marykay makeover app.  If you go do your makeover, upload an image , check out all the product, save your selection that you love and it will list all the product and prices.  Send me this list and you’ll get a discount 🙂
I’m loving this job everyone. So excited to share these wonderful products with you!