random mummblings of a night shifter

I was looking at my stats tonight, because with Google blogger it tells you where your viewers are from!  im international people 🙂 

United States        75
Singapore             13
United Kingdom   9
Estonia                   8
Switzerland            4
Australia                1
Canada                   1
Hungary                 1
New Zealand          1
Poland                    1

Out of those countries, I live in the US, have visited the UK ( England and Scotland), and gone fishing in Canada! Have also visited Italy.  Australia is on my list  ( if you have any sites to see please comment below for my future travel plans!)  And if id get the chance id love to back pack through Europe see all the others! ( when I say Europe, at this stage of tiredness I tend to chunk that entire part of the world together, I apologize for not recognizing the differences at this time)

I received an email about a week ago for my state department licensing application. I finally got a chance to check out my “checklist” tonight and I’m not sure what’s left except gathering my hours? will be working on that list tonight.  super excited!!! I passed the NCE (national counselor examination) which states im competent on a national level to become a state licensed professional counselor! ( again I apologize for not recognizing the differences in the individual countries within the continents, my multicultural class memories are screaming at me inside as I write this)

im on night two of three of night shifts. I suppose I will find out tomorrow if I will be doing a third night or if it was picked up before I requested. ( pool employee, I pick up as needed and would love to pick up in advance but unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way)  I am officially interviewing for other part time jobs ( love my marykay, but im not at the point yet where I can do it full time, but im always willing to send out togo kits ( home made kits of samples with instructions) and meet with you on Skype/facetime to give you your facial! certain countries have their own Marykay and can not go through US marykay, but nationwide your clear to contact me, I believe this includes the islands but id have to double check) one part I love about Marykay, its sharing the product and building relationships.  We want to know about you, what you want, what will help you feel good. Coffee and a chat, a new shade of lip-gloss, I know some consultants who go to the zoo with their clients (if they have kids or just want to hang out).  I have yet to get a zoo initiation, but someday 🙂 until then coffee or cocoa and a chat is nice 🙂 (my treat!)  our new shades of lipgloss are pretty awesome though. we have two special ones that proceeds are given toward cancer research with their purchase.  Our @ play ones are fun, a cheek and lip stick, jazzy berry coloring? and our new cream eye shadow / eye liner combo sticks. ahhh!!! the life of a beauty consultant, must hold back… lol when I finish up a lipstick, one of the many in my makeup bag / purse, work bag etc then I will allow myself to buy a new one. if these awesome ones are still available, it was meant to be. (did I mention as an active consultant you get a half off discount?) www.marykay.com/shanson for more info (success stories of longtime consultants , can give you a phone line to listen to as well (free), we have virtual makeover(free) , skincare quizzes to help find your skin type (also free) , and I believe you can choose your own samples with your purchase (also free!) 

anywhoo. sleeping during the day is not near as filling as sleeping at night.  I have my cloth eye mask from my plane travels during school, I darken the room, I have a nice cuddly comforter, the fan on , but its more of a long nap.  only 7 more hours to go! (staying late today, switched shifts with someone so they are coming in a little later and im staying a little later, kind of a partial mini shadow for am shift that’s not really a shadow but im calling it one because Friday ill be doing a half am shift all on my own and soooo anxious, but at the same time not.  think once I get sleep again I will feel better about it) will be in an adult aoda unit, so technically they will be in groups the whole time , but its the filling orders from doctors and therapists im worried about as I haven’t done that since orientation back in December. (my home unit im on weekends, orders are usually put in weekdays)  I was reassured by other staff though that if I can survive the challenges of my home unit, Friday will be a piece of cake.(home unit is adolescent females with severe depression )

well, I have a list of things I need to do, outside of the work ive completed already, going to start filling out my marykay business quarterly forms and organize my receipts up until now. (determined to be prepared by January for taxes this year instead of the last week allotted to get info in! whoops…but between the tax forms that marykay provides and +TurboTax I was set in no time! received my refunds very quickly as well . I did have to do an Identity confirmation quiz, but it was like 4 questions and took 30 seconds. luckily with my marykay website, if you enter your payment information its confidential and secure. I try not to enter my information on many websites because you just never know, but weve even received awards for having such a successful website!

Anyway, back to working on my personal todo list. goodnight! or is it good morning?