Mindfulness, Meditation

“case of the mondays…..”  i am feeling this today!. I was looking at a new app over the weekend i found in one of my therapy forums, called “insight timer”.  As some of you might seen already on my business page i did a “facebook live” recently with two guided mindfulness scripts.  “leaves on a stream, and eye of the hurricane”.  I am not sure how to connect that live with this blog, but you can access it here.   In these scripts i read out loud and you as the reader can close your eyes and imagine being in the “story”, for example; sitting by the stream, seeing thoughts float by as leaves, or the chaos of all the thoughts and feelings rushing around you, while you are safe in the middle of the eye of the storm.  With Insight timer, it has probably about a million meditations, nature sounds, white noise, drumming sessions, and much much more for free to experience on your own time.  I highly reccomend looking into it, especially as its a free app.  Mindfulness and meditation can be as short as 30 seconds, or as long as you need it – some half hour. I reccomend starting small, fitting it in while you are eating or preparing for bed, or waking in the morning.  For some it can be uncomfortable due to the busyness of our lives and suddenly sitting and listening , not “doing something”.  That sitting—–> is self care, and its important to remember that. ” take time to smell the flowers” or, listen to a meditation, or nature sounds. Comment here what is helpful for you!