Time flies

 Hello everyone!!!!!!! I am so excited to be here, and I promise I will be posting way more often!  This summer has been filled with all the feelings!   

My first week was a success and has continued through the fall. I am now paneled ( in network) on two insurances- (Medicaid and UHC) possibly three but waiting on the official letter.  I hired a helper to make sure insurance was done right and she is amazing! She checks insurance cards and submits claims, and takes a huge load of stress off of me! ( you’ve had to deal with insurance on the patient end, its even worse on the provider end!).   

I have such amazing community y’all. My friends have helped me recreate my logo, redesign my website, given me resources to learn how to use technology and save my sanity.  I recently did a self care bag drawing when my facebook page reached 300 followers!! I am learning so much about social media, computers in general, and the adventures of running my own business while being the main provider in a business.  

I am excited to continue sharing with you, my next big technology venture is my virtual office that will provide resources on how to handle COVID-19, General Anxiety, Adhd, Mindfulness and more, as well as fun games to play if you need a break ( including chess, checkers, mancala, pictionary, more to come) 

I also plan to “Go Live” more frequently on facebook! ( or even instagram), please comment if there are specific topics you would like me to discuss!