Waterless pedicure?

Believe it or not, that is our end of the month event.   Check out my website http://www.marykay.com/shanson to purchase! And please like my fb page https://m.facebook.com/shanson.ibc 🙂

I believe it will be done using our lemon parfait pedi set, which is limited offer product. So if you love your lemony scent, Nows the time to get it!  Omg. I love all the scents we have. Satin hands peach is amazing,  vanilla sugar is sweet, and even the foundation primer is soft and air light under my mineral powder foundation.  Our clearpRoof acne system has even helped tame down my flare ups without drying my skin out!!!  It is a product comparable to proactive, I believe people have blogged bout the differences, just like with our skinvigorate cleansing brush.  Two speed massage, rotating soft bristles, feels amazing and cleans 85% more then when using hands and rag. 

For anyone going through chemo, you need soft, amazing, comfy items. Makes a world of difference to have good smelling or fragrance free, (we have both) hydrating lotion that lasts for days between uses and is made using natural products specifically hypoallergenic and or sensitive skin. Mine got so sensitive when I went through chemo, sensitive and dry and itchy although, sometimes it had moods wings and became super oily. AnywY, wish I would have had this amazing lotion then.