When one chapter closes, another begins

Summer is coming to an end, and fall is begining.  I will be having my new job orientation starting monday and was already called yesterday to ask if I’d like extra hours due to another employee takin maternity leave!  Its so exciting, I can’t wait to meet both of my new bosses (two different buildings /locations within the large facility) and figure out my new schedule.  I bought a new date book so I can’t wait to start filling it in!  Considering where I was four years ago this thanksgiving the idea of it all is almost surreal.  Was I going to survive vs I’m a masters graduate with job and internship! ( internship slow to start but that’s ok). 

I also met a drama therapist at my internship who was visitng, and we have kept in touch. For anyone else interested in the creative arts therapys and hemodialysis units, we are considering teaming up to start a research project!  No clue when or where yet but we are in the process of looking up grants and scholarships, and a potential music therapist tp join us!

With all this employment excitement, I can finally take responsibility for my financial concerns and am that much closer to living on my own!  (Yay bills, car phone loans etc).   I’m fortunate to say my bills from cancer treatment are almost if not finished thanks to my dad, but I have everything else to take over and loan repayments start in november.  I have been looking at other blogs though, and wondered if any other viewrrs have questions of my experience with cancer.  As I have mentioned,  the financial burden was horrendous and I was very lucky to have my family support me in that aspect.  I would be glad to answer any questions in my next entry, either post them here or privately.