Where has the time gone?

My goodness, already the end of November, a day to be thankful!  Four years since I found out my pain was real, and started chemotherapy ( started the Friday before thanksgiving 2009).  I had gone to a doc who initially thought it was an old soccer injury,  he had me go for an MRI cause the pain was in the wrong place.  A few days later, within hrs of the MRI, he called me from his family vacay in Texas to tell me to get off the leg, and wait for a call, as he had scheduled all the necessary tests for us and we just needed to confirm the dates and times it was one less thing for my family to worry about.   When I can find his name in all my records again I plan to send him a bushel of thankyou cards, for doing that, and checking in on me while I was going though treatment ( even when the docs at the larger facility that he referrd me to, wouldn’t communicate with him). 

Any whoo, at work this month we really haven’t done activitie.s.  I had a banjo player. Guitarists, singers,  outings on scenic drives, visits to a famous cathedral in the area ( holy hill). Longish ride, but totally worth it if your in the area!   This next month we have another greeting card workshop by trisha Klowak, crafty paws!  , caricaturist, banjo, guitar/harmonica, and mary Kay!  As well as Christmas light scenic drives, out to dinner,and a family christmas party!  Busy busy. And I’m planning  February’s and march calendar already!   ( if your in the upper Midwest and have some sort of skill to share such as those listed above, contact me and well have a chat!). 
This week I made a big step.  I contacted cancermatch.com and made a profile.  It’s a free social networking / dating site for individuals with cancer, survival treatment post, recurrence etc.  I know it bothers me to think what if I fell in love and then we had to go through cancer all over again, watch them or them watch me suffer?  But im tryingt o think more positive,  make some friends, have someone to vent to,see what happens.  We could Both be lucky and never experience it again till were old and grey.  Until the old and grey part comes, I’m going to see where it goes.  I did mention this worry , as other people mentioned their worries.  It seems like no one really messages on this site… Pretty ghost town ish, so we will see if anyone responds to the posts I made in diff areas.
Happy turkey day y’all 🙂