Winter wonderland

So pretty outside with the snow!   But drivers are crazy.  Last week in one day in expressway near my house, there were three pile ups, one hundred cars, sixty cars and 30 cars! (Between a stretch of highway during the blizzard, one took 2 hrs to clean up, !   ).  Thankgoodness I didn’t have to take that road that day. Ugh this month has been icky, stomach flue, bad cold, hanging cough, food poisoning, and today I feel like a truck ran me over! I’ve taken aleve, two naps, tea, chicken broth, and I’m still sore all over, even though the weather is clear!.    So in between the soreness I’ve been working on knitting, I’m making a blanket for my nephew, twin size and almost big enough!  Then I’m gonna embroider a giant j, and if have time a boarder.  Only two afternoons off this week so who knows how much time I’ll get to work on it with how tired i am after work, plus our outtings!  Work is iffy, still having issues with boss. But tomorrow is the holiday party, we have about 30 ish family members coming for residents, we have Santa, which I have to pick up suit early am, and we will have Carole’s!( granted they waited till the last minute to confirm, it’s ok).  Sooo nervous.  Any whoo, watching a sad hallmark movie (determined to sit through it, even though the person is dieing of cancer, cause I’m sick of avoiding movies. Just keep telling myself, it’s a completely different situation!). And knitting and sipping on tea, .