Young adult cancer survivor dinner!
Hello all.
Through Facebook support groups, I’m in one for NHL, one for stupid cancer, cancer dating, and now a local young adult cancer survivor group. I met a few of the young adults for dinner tonight!  One whom I’m attending make a dream adventure camp with later this month.  I’m super excited!!!!!  
It was great being around others and not worrying about saying something wrong, or hearing ” your chemo ended , it’s gone! “. Or the other famous saying,” you look fine.”  I love my friends, and while my family doesn’t u derstand why I want to be apart of these groups, I still love them to.  There are so many things you don’t understand if you haven’t experienced it, either personally or as a caregiver.  I don’t wish you to understand them though, but if you know someone experiencing it, don’t say the above things! 🙂

on another note, ive decided to do some ventures to make money online.  Granted surveys are slow moving in the cash department, I can do them during down time, during tv, etc. Heres my link to “join my team”  when you refer people, and they accept you get 10 % of what they earn as well.

Im doing inbox dollars:
Surveys, play games for credits / cash redeem prizes. watch videos and search on the inboxdollars search engine ( in stead of google) earn small amounts of cash to build up 🙂   does require 30 $ earned in order to redeem cash, but hey, do a little bit every day and earn a check at the end of the month for something fun! or to pay off that remaining bill :-/


I have to add you with your email, if your interested in doing surveys for sweepstakes/reward items, let me know! I initially signed up with this through inboxdollars.

and a grocery shopping app Ibotta:

With this app you can get rebates back on items you normally buy when shopping ( ragu, noodles, milk, eggs, sunscreen, etc). and much more! (clothing  through online shopping).  if you buy in person you take a photo of the objects barcode and the receipt, and “unlock “each item by learning a fact, taking a small quiz, or watching a video / commercial for ibotta.  each month get those rebates back and you can track everything on the app as well as make your grocery list 🙂  it has long expiration dates, small weekend holiday dates, etc.
Code:  phnodsi

if this doesn’t work let me know and ill upload the actual “link”

I look forward to “working with you!”.  I will be doing relay for life this Friday and doing a marykaybooth as part of the spa tent. ill post pictures of the fun and talk about how the relay impacts me as a thriving survivor 🙂