Blog moving to website!


I will be moving to my website as i now have learned how to use the built in blog. I have transferred over all of my posts from here to make them easily accessible to you if you want to view older posts.  

other updates

Starting february i will be offering a monthly anxiety and depression support group for both teens and adults!  Teens will be the second thursday , adults will be the 4th thursday. The craft night / open studio for mindfulness and stress support ( not a therapy group). will continue to be first and third friday ( including this upcoming friday the 17th!).   

For those interested, i will have a keurig available with a selection of cocoa, cider and coffees.  At this time im not planning to have food or snacks due to health and safety with the unknown of covid-19 and pre registration is preferred to help with social distancing – but you may stop by without pre registering if thats easiest.