Craft night!

What is craft night? Craft night is a community open studio. When i was in gradschool i volunteered in an open studio offered to oncology patients and met a lovely group of ladies who opened my eyes to the world of community based art therapy. We would get together twice a month and scrapbook , paint, create artist trading cards, practice embossing with inks for card decorating, good times! When i graduated i found an oncology open studio at aurora in milwaukee, and met some amazing mount mary interns along the way! In this open studio we did much more then painting. My supervisor jill would load up her giant cart with anything and everything and had a second cart for other things that didnt fit and the interns would bring everything down set it up and bring everything back at the end. They still run the group however a bit different wirh covid, still have a main activity along with the rest of the supplies and its open to the community, not only oncology patients. Met many amazing attendees at this group as well! I want to offer this to others, a time to create or try something new, relax outside of every day things. Chat and listen to music. I will have regular therapy groups starting february, for now monthly anxiety and depression support group. As i get more interest i will add to it (one night teens one night adults prereg required)