Reflecting back

I have a long medical history.  The most recent diagnosis however was November 2009.  I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma -large b cell in approximately 85% of my skeleton. I went through 5 months of RCHOP, Delievered once every three weeks through a metaport In my chest. 

My initial testing was mri, pet, ct biopsy,  lung xrays, blood tests, stress tests and full body bone density scans. By the time I started treatment I was literally cracking apart! And was found to have a cracked knee cap , and heavy fissures in many other joints and both thighs. 

I started treatment the week before thanksgiving, I had my metaport installed in the morning and started chemo right after. I had a reaction and had to return the following day, it was very stressful coming back because the chemo made me feel so drugged and woosy on top of being scared and angry and frustrated.

I took it out on my mom, who has severe anxiety and I know was only trying to help, but I felt such a loss of control I couldnt stop.  Today we are closer then ever , and I am so thankful that she stood by me during my bad days and my good days.  Her and dad came to every chemo and. Still are there for my post treatment visits as needed.   Thankyou mom and dad!